Zach Myers premieres “Yes, And…“at Villain Theater this Thursday, June 9th, at 8pm. Under the new direction of Jeff Quintana, the Artistic Director of VIllain Theater, the solo performance piece is a reincarnation of Myers’ one man show performed at Florida International University in April of 2015.

Zach Myers hails from Washington DC where he will be returning in July of this year to perform Yes, And… at Capital Fringe, a festival by the non-profit business focused on expanding cultural awareness and appreciation for the performing arts. Myers has been living in South Florida for over a decade. During this time, he received his BFA in Theater performance from FIU and joined Villain Theater’s professional cast, performing regularly with So Fresh And So Green Green. He is also known for his shenanigans as the host of Villain Theater’s BYOT (Bring Your Own Team), a weekly show that invites performers from across South Florida to perform on the Villain stage.

In Yes, And…, Zach Myers pays tribute to the improv legend, actor, writer, and director, Del Close(1934-1999). Widely known as a comedy guru, Del Close is credited for popularizing long form improvisation with the creation of the Harold, an improv format that was well received and favored by audiences at its inception. The Harold is currently the staple of Chicago long form improv and performed by improv groups internationally. Among his impressive collection of accolades, Del Close co-founded Chicago’s famous iO Theater, formerly Improv Olympic, with Charna Halpern.

According to Myers, in this rebirth of Yes, And…, Quintana’s direction helped him bring out four distinct facets of Del’s character. Quintana has been a prominent figure in the South Florida improv community since 2003 and is an alumnus of iO Theater where he also taught and performed the Harold for five years.

“All  we have is ourselves to give, I’m going to make my mark on this world and bring about change through my art and through laughter.” – Zach Myers

Villan Theater is located at 8325 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL 33138 on the second floor of Made At The Citadel