Labrat Music, Miami’s experimental sound design and music production studio was co-founded by singer-songwriter, Keba Williams, and producer, Erik Nuñez in the heart of the Historical Studio District in North Miami. The two young entrepreneurs met each other while working on jingles at Animal Music for international brands and companies, a business they have continued with Labrat Music, having worked on commercials for Coca-Cola, Honda, McDonalds, and many more. Their successful TV, radio, and film work has allowed them the freedom and capital to house and nurture independent artists. They are committed to servicing talented musicians and helping them build a name for themselves while allowing them to retain the rights and ownership of their own material.

“At Labrat, we create opportunities for the independent artist. From our young artist workshop to artist production, we offer a range of services for artists developing in the digital age.”

Like many in Miami, Keba and Erik are both immigrants bringing a fusion of cultures to their work. A native of Trinidad and Tobago, Keba moved to Miami, FL at the age of 16 to attend Florida International University where she earned a degree in Chemistry and later, a B.A. in Vocal Performance. Keba grew up performing since she was eight years old on the clarinet, piano, and steel drums.

Born and raised in Argentina, Erik Nuñez began his music career at age 17, directing and playing bass in the rock band, Bravo, which rose to international fame in most of South America. In 2003, he migrated to the United States with the dream of producing original music on a grander scale. Since then, he has worked with artists such as John Minnis (Diamond girl), Donna Allen (The Voice), and Pitbull. He also produced the soundtracks for the cultural documentaries, Celia the Queen and War at Guam.

In 2013, Keba independently released her first studio album, Wildfire, which was co-written by Erik. This was the first independent project the duo had undertaken together and it served to solidify their musical partnership. The success of Wildfire led to an international tour hitting several states in the U.S and European countries. Keba’s sophomore album, Filmstrip, will be released this Fall.

Through their collaboration on the brand, Keba Musik, Keba and Erik have been able to build Labrat Music, offering production and sound engineering services accessible to the independent artist. With the studio and network they have created, Labrat is focused on expanding opportunities for independent artists. They are a beacon of hope for the rising artist community in Miami.

This Friday, August 26th, Keba and Erik will be performing live at Villain Theater during TGIF with the Villain cast of Musical Tales from the Magic City. Doors open at 7:30pm. August birthdays get in free with valid ID.